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What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy was founded by an American, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.  Osteopathy is a manual form of healing which emphasizes the interrelationship between structures and functions of the body.  Taking into consideration, nerves, arteries, veins and the lymphatics of the body.  Tension on these structures can cause a dis-ease in the body, our job as osteopaths is to remove tension, compression and twists from the body so these functions can work the way they are innately intended to work. We do this by restructuring bones, muscles, ligaments and fascia.

Osteopathic principles believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. “The body is a self- healing, self- regulating dynamic unit of function”.

What does Osteopathy Treat?

All osteopathy reverts back to Nerve, Artery, Vein, Lymphatic. These are the pathways of communication and health & wellness.

There are many common health problems that Manual Osteopathic Practitioners commonly treat.

Aches of the back, head, neck, and feet. Tennis elbow, shin splints, sciatica, and repetitive strain injuries have also been quite common. Patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, postural problems, digestive problems, arthritis, and/or asthma have found improvements in health by using osteopathy. Manual Osteopathic Practitioners regularly see patients that have been injured from work, home, or as a result of sports.

Pain commonly inhibits of sleep, patients have often experienced better sleep after osteopathic treatments. 

About Me

After working in the alternative health care field as a nutritionist and office manager for 21 years I decided I wanted to be more “hands on” and help people with their health more directly.  I was accepted to the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in November of 2012 and in the spring of 2013 embarked on my journey to become an Osteopathic manual therapist.  I cannot recall ever making a better decision.  The education was top notch as they prepare you for anything and everything.

I started treating as a manual therapist in 2014 while entering my 3rd year at the CAO and have continued to treat and grow my practice thru to my graduation in the fall of 2016.  I am also a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association.

It is my goal to inspire and educate the importance of treating the body in its entirety, which is important for optimum health.

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